Frederik's Friday Fact Christmas Quiz 2009

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Friday 18 Dec 2009: Frederik's Friday Fact Christmas Quiz 2009
  1. Name at least two reasons why TCA costs you money.
  2. Name the odd one out in the following list and explain: Trockenbeerenauslese, Sauternes, Tokaij Aszú, Eiswein, Monbazillac.
  3. Which prison is closely linked with pelicans?
  4. In which country are grapes in high demand in 13 days' time?
  5. Name the odd one out in the following list and explain: Heathrow, Schiphol, Kloten, Tegel, Kastrup, Barajas.
  6. Frustrated with his captain being drunk every night, a first officer empties a litre-bottle of gin into the ocean. Suppose that by some miracle storm and currents the alcohol of the gin is perfectly mixed through all the seas and oceans. How many molecules of alcohol from the bottle will be in every litre of sea-water? Answers can be to the nearest order of magnitude.
  7. What is the link between Ho Chi Minh and Melba toast?
  8. Which "homoeopathic remedy" prepared from a saturated potassium cyanide solution would be safe to drink: D1 and/or D400? Explain.
  9. Why will a Dutch person visiting the UK have more trouble detecting a gas leak than a person living there?
  10. Why and when is it useful to remember that Bruce Willis ruins all films?
  11. What is Barbara M. Roberts most famous for?
  12. Name the 12 Olympians.
Bonus points will be awarded for additional correct information. Incorrect extras will be penalised. There will also be bonus points for the first person(s) to send in their answers.

Send your answers by Friday 8 January 2010 at the latest to

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