Frederik's Friday Fact Christmas Quiz 2007

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Friday 21 Dec 2007: Frederik's Friday Fact Christmas Quiz 2007
  1. Name the four hills of the Vierschanzentournee in the right order.
  2. Explain why the Reinheitsgebot is (or isn't) a good thing.
  3. Which is the best year?
  4. Name the 7 Dutch Provinces.
  5. Who is the current prince of the Principality of Andorra?
  6. Who introduced the croissant in France?
  7. What is a skemerkelkie?
  8. Name the 4 Cantons that originally formed the Helvetian Confederation.
  9. Of whose work is Descartes supposed to have said that it was worth learning the Dutch language for?
  10. Who is the founder of Opus Dei?
Bonus points will be awarded for additional correct information. Incorrect extras will be penalised.

Send your answers by Friday 4 January 2008 at the latest to

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