Frederik's Friday Fact Christmas Quiz 2006

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Friday 22 Dec 2006: Frederik's Friday Fact Christmas Quiz 2006
  1. Name the odd one out in the following list and explain: Pomerol, Margaux, Crozes-Hermitage, St. Emillion, Sauternes, St. Estèphe.
  2. Which item of clothing will be in high demand in Italy next week?
  3. When will the First Lord of the Treasury resign?
  4. "They had trouble finding a table in the very busy restaurant in Madrid when they wanted to have dinner around 19.30." Could this be a sentence from a Dutch travel magazine, a BBC documentary or a Dan Brown novel?
  5. Name 6 train stations with "Den Haag" in their name.
  6. How many Apollo missions landed on the Moon?
  7. How many predecessors does Robert Gates have as Defence Secretary?
  8. What do the Linux Operating System and Nokia have in common?
  9. What does the acronym DSM stand for in the name of the Dutch chemicals company?
  10. Name the official languages of Belgium.
  11. How many bones does an adult human body have on average?
  12. Which continental European country switched from driving on the left side to the right side of the road and name the year?
  13. How many votes does the District of Columbia hold in the US House of Representatives?
  14. Name at least 4 of the ancient wonders of the world (bonus points for each additional one, penalty points for wrong ones).
  15. Why will the word "kippis" be heard a lot in 42 days' time?

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